My 21st Birthday Photo Diary!

I turned 21 this past Sunday and I had an amazing birthday. It was more fun than I could ever imagine it being. It was a fun night wth family and friends!  I was fighting with someone who I viewed as important to me, but I was so lucky to have my friends by my side that night to keep me constantly having fun. You should never be down on your birthday –ESPECIALLY your 21st!

So what did I do?

Even though my birthday was on the 15th, the celebrations began on the 14th. Since there was a possibility that I could (but wasn’t) sick the next day (Sunday) my sister Megan and I decided we would go to church on Saturday.

Next I went to my friend, Vahane’s house and then Vahane, Marina and I went onto (I think) some rooftop of a building to get a nice picture in front of the city. I love Pittsburgh!

That’s my cute birthday outfit! (Dress H&M $40, Shoes Steve Madden $89, Necklace Forever 21, $15)

After seeing that spectacular view of the city, Vahane, Marina and I met up with my friend Gabby at Buca Di Beppo where we got dinner and they sang happy birthday to me! Free cannoli! I also got candle wax on my dress when they gave me a large candelabra. Then back to Vahane’s where I had the pleasure of having Vahane and his room mate Victor serenade me a creative happy birthday tune.

Then we went to Joe and John’s place in the South Side slopes. My roomie Sydney met us there. We got a ride for Lyft and had our Lyft driver Abrahim join us inside. I got a nice picture with some of the people there. Mostly everyone was still inside at that point. They have an amazing view from their deck!


Then we headed down to Diesel for an awesome night! Other than myself it was my sisters Megan and Tara, Vahane, Marina, Gabby, Brett, Joe, John, Dan and Payment. I got in around 11, while I was still 20. My mom bought us a VIP Skybox, three bottles of Skyy Vodka and a bottle of Verdi champagne. It was definitely nice having a skybox so we could sit down and actually have room to dance. I went on the dance floor for about 7 minutes, danced with a rando and was over it. At midnight I was brought the bottle of Verdi with a sparkler on top. I popped it myself and poured everyone a glass. Happy birthday to me! We stayed until 2 am when the place closed. I would just like to add that no, I was not your typical 21st birthday girl. Yes, it was my 21st, so I got drunk, but I was not trashed at all. I remember the entire night! It baffles me why anyone would want to get completely trashed on their 21st birthday and black out. Wouldn’t you want to remember it? 

Here’s some more pictures from Diesel:

1465369_10152577757879575_3361700252780820601_n 10376371_10152567184289575_3767459159572405762_n 10402642_10152565751554575_2689023462202076181_n 10406713_10152565751549575_4782825959487776461_n10403018_10152567205019575_2972414341095253317_n 10409161_10152565751569575_8282566273185718805_n

So I spent the night at Vahane’s house. The next morning I had my birthday/father’s day lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse in the Strip. Note: I picked two Italian places to eat for my birthday… Can you tell I love Italian!? So I did that with my family and then went back to my family’s bar afterwards. My mom practically forced me to do a shot of Patron. No, I did not do this out of my own free will. I don’t like Tequila. It was awful. Next, my mom and I both “cheers-ed” to a Dos Equis.

Look how young my mom looks! You would think she was the one turning 21. So then I had  two mixed drinks and a cherry bomb. All for free! I love having it be my birthday. So then Vahane and Marina show up for a drink, before going back to my house. We each have a glass of dogfish head and then head down to South Side to go to Sky Bar! That was a lot of fun. It was my first daytime sky bar experience. After Sky Bar we head to Local where I had this huge and delicious drink called, “Tie Me To The Bed Post” and some delicious pink shot.

10453371_10152568356534575_6313140847742927337_n1623577_10152567766519575_254941760390265825_n 10385559_10152569107729575_6704541040867645082_n

So after Local we headed up Mt. Washington. Can I just tell you that I love Mt. Washington? Yes, it has amazing views on Grandview, but it’s also where I called my home for the past two years. I went back to my mom’s house for the summer, but I can’t get enough of Mt. Washington. I’m there at least two times out of the week, and I really miss it. Anyways, we stopped at one of the lookouts and got more great pictures. I also got a very inspirational pep talk from Vahane about a few things that were bothering me.

10408698_10152569116579575_265770516003067062_n 10460786_10152577792979575_5980849258027696157_n

So then we went back to Vahane’s place and ordered a pizza. After eating Marina and I somehow found ourselves boxing each other in Vahane’s basement with Victor and Matt, Vahane’s room mates.

10336809_10152577809929575_4867373825524463325_n 10489800_10152577809934575_622317966330939483_n

My birthday celebration isn’t over yet though! I have my birthday party tomorrow at my family’s bar!

I just want to say a special thank you to all my family and friends who I was with last Saturday and Sunday for my birthday. A special thank you to my mom not only for birthing me, but for buying me my birthday party at  Diesel and for my party tomorrow. Another thank you to Vahane, who helped with setting up my party at Diesel and taking me out in South Side for my birthday day.


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